Amity Tribe

Amity Tribe is a group of musicians and composers from Chicago's South Suburbs. The band just released its second CD "Noise," a follow-up to their 2014 debut release "Small Roots from Sacred Trees." Both are available at CD Baby at   

Bill Robinson

Composer, guitar player, key boards and vocals

Bill is one of Amity Tribe's composers and also plays keys and acoustic guitars. 

Keith Robinson

Lead guitarist, composer, vocals

Keith is the lead guitarist for Amity Tribe as well as a composer and vocalist.

Mike O'Meara

Slide & Dobro guitars, percussion, piano, vocals & composition

Mike plays electric slide & dobro guitars, drums and other percussions, piano, vocals & compositions.

Paul Langdon

Bass guitar & background vocals

Paul plays electric & acoustic bass and contributes background vocals.

Charles Ebert

Lead Vocals

Chuck is lead vocalist and contributes background vocals.

Dean Vasa

Drums & Percussion, background vocals

Dean provides drums and other percussion, as well as background vocals.

"One More Day" - From "Noise"

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